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Penza location (3696 bytes) Penza is a provincial city established in 1663. Penza is a big place. It is larger than Dublin, Ireland or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its population is over 500000.

Penza is green city (22907 bytes)
Penza is green city
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Art gallery

Penza have rich cultural traditions: oldest in Russia drama theatre grounded in 1793, fixed circus grounded in 1874.

The art college works in Penza since 1898.

Photo by A.Nazarov

There are a lot of higher educational institutions in Penza: state university, pedagogical university, architectural - building academy, technological institute, military artillery institute, agricultural institute and others.

Penza is an industrial city, in which one instrument making and engineering traditionally developed. Among exported commodities it is possible to mark diesel engines and diesel engine - generator for vessels and diesel electricity generating plants, compressors.

People art museum (31587 bytes)
Folk art museum

Bridge across Sura river (37946 bytes)
Bridge across Sura river

Initially Penza was founded on the river Penza shore. But the main regional river Sura have changed its bed in 1945 and Penza is situated on the banks of Sura river now.

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