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Servo S Ltd., fax +7-8412-564363, phone +7-8412-562977, e-mail:

Servo S Ltd. was founded at March of 1996. Chief Executive - Vladimir Pritchenko.

Founders and employees are physicists and engineers have worked in Scientific Research Institute on Computer Machinery in Penza, Russia. The high-technology experience continues to present into our brains. We designed some hardware and software systems for enterprises of Penza region based on electronic, optical, microprocessor components. We have wide contacts with enterprises of Penza region and believe to be an effective bridge between Penza plants for the first hand and foreign companies for the second. We supply liquid ring vacuum pumps, a wide spectra of compressor equipment, turbo-superchargers, etc. to Russian and foreign partners. We believe our experience in the field of modern technique, our knowledge about technology level and potential of Penza enterprises are the best basis for effective connecting them with foreign partners.

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Servo S Ltd., Penza, Russia, fax +7-8412-564363, phone +7-8412-562977, e-mail: servo@tl.ru

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